Making Friends with the Unknown


In these tumultuous times, when so much has been upended, we cannot rely on our old ways for making sense of the world. We have been forced to admit how little we know about where we are headed and how to shape our lives in positive ways.

Full Presence Mindfulness introduces new ways of knowing, based on waking up to the whole of experience. We can experience the power of full presence even in the midst of confusion and uncertainty. By learning to question our stories and assumptions, we can cut through our negative emotions and concerns, our distraction and anxiety. We can activate a new mind, ready to cope with the chaotic and enjoy the immediate.

This workshop will start with simple yet effective practices for grounding in the moment. From there, we will question our commitment to the stories that shape our lives and explore how to live with the unknown. We will discover the truth of a vital secret: when we are fully present, we can move beyond our own small concerns to work for the welfare of the world.

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    Intro to Systems Thinking / How the System of Ancestral Trauma Play Out Today

    part 1

    What are the components of a system? How do systems behave? Why are there so many broken systems in place? You can’t change or fix something properly unless you know how it works. Everything else is a bandaid. Learn the basic concepts of Systems Thinking and how to become a Systems Thinker.

    Part 2

    Let’s connect some dots between Systems Thinking and how we can heal ourselves and our families.

    Samuel González

    Samuel González has spent their life finding ways to reconcile the intersecting identities that reside within. Bringing art, coaching, creative strategies, healing practices, and digital wizardry to Sweet Livity’s work, Samuel is helping transform how people do business. Because of Samuel’s intersectional nature, they have been able to create transformational spaces in many areas, including higher education, the nonprofit sector, corporate environments, etc. Decades of experience inform the work along with passion and empathy. Sound healing, dream work, and ancestral healing/connections are some of the healing modalities in Samuel’s tool kit. They are also a certified compassion fatigue specialist, bringing a trauma informed approach to their work with individuals and groups. Because of their background in art (music, writing, photography, painting), Samuel also uses the creation of art as a form of healing.