Full Presence Mindfulness

Experience is More Than We Think


Full Presence Mindfulness (FPM) offers a unified vision of who we are and how we can bring about meaningful change. Grounded in the present moment, it opens every dimension of the field of experience—our sensations, emotions and thoughts . . . our ways of connecting . . . our values and intentions . . . the systems that shape society and set limits. When we let go of the rigid view that puts the self at the center of experience, we awaken into a world that is rich and alive. We know without effort how to act on our highest values to change what needs changing.

Upcoming Workshops

Making Friends with the Unknown

In the face of global change, find the resources within yourself to navigate the unknown in this grounding practice.

In these tumultuous times, when so much has been upended, we cannot rely on our old ways for making sense of the world. We have been forced to admit how little we know about where we are headed and how to shape our lives in positive ways.

Full Presence Mindfulness introduces new ways of knowing, based on waking up to the whole of experience. We can experience the power of full presence even in the midst of confusion and uncertainty. By learning to question our stories and assumptions, we can cut through our negative emotions and concerns, our distraction and anxiety. We can activate a new mind, ready to cope with the chaotic and enjoy the immediate.

This workshop will start with simple yet effective practices for grounding in the moment. From there, we will question our commitment to the stories that shape our lives and explore how to live with the unknown. We will discover the truth of a vital secret: when we are fully present, we can move beyond our own small concerns to work for the welfare of the world.

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Program Under Development


Advanced Courses

Berkeley, CA, Starts March 10th, Online, Starts March 15th.

This course will be in six-week modules. We will be doing readings from the TSK books that are related to the key FPM themes: Field, Self and Stories, and Intention.

New Ways of Knowing

A series of workshops exploring the intersection of Mindfulness and Systems Thinking. 

Program Under Development